integrated benefit solutions


Integrated Benefit Solution works in conjunction with the following companies to bring you the most revolutionary health insurance products in the market.

Pacific First

Integrated Benefit Solutions uses Burnaby based company, Pacific First, to provide Private Health Services Plans to business owners.

Pacific First is a division of Pacific Rim Administration Services Ltd. which was incorporated in 1979. It is not an insurance company or life insurance company. Its functions are:

  • Third party administration
  • Trustee covering Health and Welfare trusts
  • Provider of Private Health Services Plans
  • Provider of the uniquely designed Blended plan

They have grown from a company offering the Private Health Services Plan concept primarily to the Dental Services Association of BC in 1975 to now providing services to small and large businesses, corporations and unions.

GroupHealth Global

Integrated Benefit Solutions offers group benefit services through a preferred partner relationship with GroupHEALTH Global Benefits. GroupHEALTH Global is a proven company drawing on more than 30 years of industry expertise.

Today GroupHEALTH Global Partners has developed into a cross county network of group insurance professionals in 47 affiliate cities across Canada – supporting more than 2000 client organizations.

GroupHEALTH is an exclusive network of approximately 50 partner affiliates throughout Canada that pool volume and expertise while leveraging technology to provide a “best in class” employee compensation platform for our clients.

Acure Health Corp.

Acure Health Corporation is Canada’s first “Wait List” health insurance.

At some point in time, every Canadian will be placed on a medical waitlist. With supplemental health insurance, you may skip the list. At Acure Health Insurance Canada, our aim is to provide cost-effective, premium expedited medical services.

Since its inception, Acure has been taking Canadian’s off the waitlists for diagnostics, surgery and consultations with specialists and providing them with rapid, foremost medical attention. Attaining priority healthcare at state of the art facilities by the leading medical professionals in Canada and the United States, has revitalized how many view their health services.