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red Graphic Designers of Canada

The GDC has partnered with Integrated Benefit Solutions Inc. to provide its members with health and dental benefits through a Private Health Services Plan.

Private Health Services Plan (PHSP)
We, together with our partner, Pacific First, can offer a PHSP to any GDC or affiliate member who is self-employed (Incorporated professional or solo-proprietor). There are no health questionnaires or age limits and the plan covers all employees and their dependents. This is a flexible non-contractual agreement between the GDC member and the adjudicator (Pacific First) with no premiums. There is an administration fee of $2.50 a month, a one-time only setup fee of $200 and a 10% adjudication fee on claims. The member decides on regular contributions to their PHSP – this amount can be changed at any time.  A portion of the setup fee and the adjudication fee goes back to your association.

Former GDC President Peggy Cady said:
"Cooper Financial has helped the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada provide extra value to members and affiliates. The PHSP program allows GDC business owners all across Canada to easily take advantage of this great tax benefit. I've found the Plan easy to use and very beneficial to my own business."

Travel Insurance
Travel medical is available to all PHSP holders. It is offered through Lloyds of London, BMS Specialty products. It is purchased on an annual basis and premiums are 100% tax deductible through the PHSP and premium payments are fully administered by Pacific First. The coverage allows for trips up to 30 days (coverage may be extended to 80 days) and will cover medical expenses out of country and out of province up to $2M. Coverage is available up to age 75 (premiums increase at age 65) and there is no pre-existing conditions clause.

For more information on any products available to the members of the BCAS contact Gayle at or call toll-free 1.866.475.0552.