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Benefits For One

As Canadians we are proud to have public health coverage, but most individuals likely do not realize that our government plan does not provide all the coverage we might need. An individual health and dental plan can fill the gaps and ensure you and your family are adequately protected.


Many British Columbians don't have an employer sponsored benefit plan, and seek out personal coverage to guard against
unexpected medical costs. A personally owned health and dental plan for yourself and your family is an ideal cost-effective
option for people who are:

Integrated Benefit Solutions Inc. works with leading insurance companies that offer health and dental plans for an individual.
We offer a range of plans from basic coverage that requires no medical underwriting and no medical questionnaires to fully
underwritten comprehensive health and dental coverage (including major dental). An individual health and dental plan is the
best way to protect you and your loved ones from health costs not covered by our government health plan.

Coverage available under an individual health and dental plan includes:

Optional benefits available: