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Specialty Products

Integrated Benefit Solutions Inc. is constantly seeking out new innovative products in the health wellness and insurance market. We are proud to offer products that will insure a person for all of life’s ‘What ifs’.



Have you or someone you know ever been on a medical waitlist? In our world there are no waits!

Healthsure is an exciting new insurance product that provides expedited access to private medical services for insured individuals who are on a Canadian medical wait list of 45 days or more.

This program covers all authorized diagnostic consultations with a medical specialist as well as any related authorized procedures such as MRI and CT scans. It also covers the cost of over 135 surgical procedures. Treatment will be arranges in Canada if available, or the USA.

Healthsure is an excellent benefit enhancement for managers and senior executives and would attract and retain employees in a competitive job marketplace.


  • No medical Exam
  • No deductibles or co-payments
  • Specialist consultation in 21 days
  • $1,000,000 lifetime coverage
  • Qualified second opinion
  • Pre-existing conditions covered after 24 months
  • Over 135 covered conditions including: MRI and CT scans, heart bypass, bone and joint replacement, prostate surgery, cataracts, angioplasty, and endoscopy procedures


Whether you are looking for year round coverage that will cover all trips out of province and out of country or looking for single trip coverage for a quick getaway we can find the right travel package.

Travel Insurance plans to choose from:

Travel medical Insurance

  • For Canadians
  • For Visitors to Canada

Student Medical Insurance

  • For Canadian Students
  • For International Students

Also available, non-medical packages!  A Non-Medical Package is a great addition to all travel plans because it's affordable and available for all ages. Trips are expensive and most fees are paid in advance. If you are forced to cancel your plans, return home early or the airline loses your luggage, what price will you pay?

Non-medical Insurance

  • Trip Cancellation/ Trip Interruption
  • Baggage Insurance
  • Rental Car Protection

Guaranteed Issue Products

Are you looking for insurance protection for your loved ones but have health challenges? Guaranteed Issue products are available with no medical evidence required!

We understand that buying life insurance is a very important decision that requires careful thought.

Unlike most life insurance coverage, Guaranteed Issue insurance plans do not require medical underwriting. If you are a Canadian resident acceptance of your application is guaranteed upon receipt of your initial premium payment, without completion of a medical questionnaire.

We guarantee that your coverage will not decrease. You never need to worry: the protection you planned for will be available to your loved ones. Your coverage can never be cancelled for any reason, including changes in your health, as long as your premiums are paid. Of course, you can choose to cancel this protection at any time.